Some decisions in life are easy. Deciding where to put your children in school is not one of them. There are so many variables and so many aspects to choosing a school. You have to consider the quality of education, the safety of the learning environment, the strength of relationships, the consistency of the teaching with what is taught at home., and so much more. Since 1956, thousands of parents of PreK-12th graders have trusted CCCS as a partner in the education of their children. I would like to share what I believe are strengths of Crescent City Christian School and should be considered in such a decision.

CCCS is a biblically based Christian School- Biblical Truths and principles are woven into the lesson plans and are at the core of our education, extracurricular offerings, and faculty and staff. We are teaching students to glorify God and training them to become Godly leaders who will impact their world with the truth of the Gospel.

CCCS is a school where kids are loved unconditionally and challenged to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives. Our discipline is redemptive and disciplining in nature and always seeks to connect the student with the Holy Spirit.

CCCS sees each student as an individual, uniquely created by God for His pleasure, so in addition to their personality, we consider their learning style, modalities, intelligences, etc when sculpting their educational experience.

CCCS is focused on raising up Godly leaders in all walks of life, so we offer a variety of experiences such as music, art, drama, entrepreneurial training, and technical training, to enhance the education.

CCCS offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities to both girls and boys in the team and individual sports. These sports include but are not limited to football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, cross country, track, wrestling, swimming, golf, tennis, and bowling. While our competitive sports begin in upper elementary, we have a full physical education program from kindergarten through high school.

At CCCS we offer a quality academic education in a safe, loving, distinctively Christian environment. Our student body is composed of 370 students representing over 30 churches of a dozen denominations in several Parishes. We would welcome the opportunity to love, nurture, train and disciple your children as well. Let me encourage you to take a tour or spend a day. Give us a call at 504-885-4700. Looking forward to meeting you!

In His Service,

Ricky Rigsby
School Superintendent