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technology department 3d printer lab-optWe are continuing to expand our technology offerings and connectivity within the classroom. Since introducing Google’s G Suite for Education last year, we have seen students and teachers finding new ways to enhance learning in the classroom! That was just the beginning! We will continue our 1:1 initiative of putting a device with a physical keyboard in every student’s hands, 5th grade and up. We will be integrating new technology into all classrooms with the purpose of broadening our students’ worldviews, differentiating lessons and engaging students in an effective way!

We will be connecting our classrooms to missionaries and others around the world as well as giving them opportunities to explore jobs, cities and the wonders of Creation through interactive virtual field trips. We are continuing to grow and integrate our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics(STEAM) into our classes and opening up opportunities for students with these inclinations to expand and showcase their talents!


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