technology department 3d printer lab-optIn the technological age in which we live children need to understand the proper use of devices so they can navigate this ever-changing world. What better place for them to learn technology than under the direction of Godly, loving, caring instructors who can teach age appropriate usage. At Crescent City Christian School we can do just that. We are a Google classroom school, utilizing the latest in technology to help students interact with the world appropriately. Whether it is visiting the Louvre in Paris, checking in with NASA on the latest plans and developments, or talking with missionaries all around the world to see how we could pray and help, CCCS connects students of all ages to the world around them through the use of technology.

CCCS is a Google Classroom school that employs Pixel Books for our teachers and requires every student in grades 5-12 to have a device that will allow them to access Google and interact with the teacher and the classroom. We will utilize technology to help our students interact with the world from the classroom. Whether visiting the Louvre Palace in Paris, checking in with NASA concerning the latest developments, or conversing with Missionaries in any of 45 foreign countries find out how we can help, we will open the minds of our students to the entire world with technology. Obviously, we will seek God’s wisdom and employ the appropriate controls, filters, and restrictions, but we feel CCCS has a responsibility to our families and students to prepare them to responsibly interact with the world in which they live.

We are continuing to expand our technology offerings and connectivity within the classroom. Since introducing Google’s G Suite for Education last year, we have seen students and teachers finding new ways to enhance learning in the classroom! That was just the beginning! We will continue our 1:1 initiative of putting a device with a physical keyboard in every student’s hands, 5th grade and up. We will be integrating new technology into all classrooms with the purpose of broadening our students’ worldviews, differentiating lessons and engaging students in an effective way!

We will be connecting our classrooms to missionaries and others around the world as well as giving them opportunities to explore jobs, cities and the wonders of Creation through interactive virtual field trips. We are continuing to grow and integrate our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics(STEAM) into our classes and opening up opportunities for students with these inclinations to expand and showcase their talents!