• Dedication to State Standards in our general education (Mainstream) classrooms.
  • Smaller classrooms to focus on individual needs, and age-appropriate class-size limits.
  • Individual needs center aimed at gifted/talented students needing additional challenges.
  • Individual learning center aimed at credit recovery and unique pacing needs
  • Strong emphasis on ACT preparation and performance to prepare students to take advantage of TOPS and other Scholarships.
  • Focus on several foreign languages including Spanish, French, and Koine Greek will enhance our academic program and provide diversity.



Nora Carpenter noted author and curriculum specialist best verbalized our philosophy of curriculum in her statement,

The curriculum is everything that affects the accomplishments of the established goals of learning. It is based on the philosophy of the school (why do you do what you do?) and actual implementation (what you do?). The curriculum is not only the textbooks; it is the teachers, and the janitor, and the discipline in the hallways. It is the attitude of the school secretary directing a late student to class. It is how the classrooms are designed, and who sits next to whom, and what we are going to do with the student who forgot his lunch. It is the playground, and the science lab, and the parking lot. It is the budget, and the memos, and the faculty meetings. It is the principal and the parents, and the attitude of the community. Curriculum is everything that impacts the student while at school from people to plumbing.

Consequently, as a Christian leadership school, our mission is to equip students spiritually, academically, socially and physically, encouraging them to reach their highest potential in life for Christ.

PRESCHOOL (Pre k-3 and Pre-k 4) CURRICULUM
We use a curriculum which offers a balanced, daily program of structured and non-structured activities. Our teachers offer a caring environment where early learning and development standards are utilized as a framework for high quality, developmentally appropriate, early childhood programming. With the Word of God as the foundation for education, students learn to grow academically and spiritually. Students are given a firm foundation in the basic skills and are well prepared for elementary school.

Our teachers teach mastery of the Louisiana State Standards from a Biblical Worldview supported and enriched through purposeful instruction and development in music, art, drama, speech, physical education, sports, careers, business and finance, health, computer technology, ministry, and missions.

Every classroom has computer access and wireless internet to effectively serve our students. Our teachers integrate technology across all grade levels, so we require that all students 4th-12th grade have access to a portable notebook, laptop or tablet with a physical keyboard. We also have two fully equipped computer labs (PC and Mac) for students to use with the supervision of a teacher. (All internet access is filtered and monitored). As a Google for Education school, all of our students are given school e-mails along with unlimited storage in Google Drive. Our teachers utilize Google Classroom and to keep students and parents up to date on assignments and activities for each class.

The Bible teaches physical fitness is important to God and ministry. Consequently, each student will be exposed to some form of regular physical education to develop and maintain health and fitness. Our program centers around sports and activities, developing coordination and teamwork, preparing them for interscholastic activities and more. If there is a medical condition that precludes the normally prescribed activities, we will individualize a program for your student in consultation and cooperation with you and his/her physician.

Graduation Requirements

All students in grades 6-8 must complete a minimum of ten (10) service hours each school year. All students in grades 9-12 must complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) service hours each school year. Additional service hours may be required for students involved in service organizations. Students who do not complete service hours will have to take part in a service hour recovery which will result in increased service hours to be completed. Completion of service hours is required for enrollment in or graduation from CCCS.

Students who graduate from CCCS are required to take the ACT once during the spring of their sophomore year and once during the spring of their junior year. Completion of the ACT test is required prior to re-enrollment for the next year. Students must denote that their scores be reported to CCCS with the school code of 192097 and a TOPS report code of 1595 as one of the listed institutions. To ensure maximum time to raise their score to a satisfactory level to receive TOPS or to broaden their college options, students are encouraged to take the ACT numerous times. Students at Crescent City Christian School will be provided the opportunity to obtain the Louisiana Tops University Diploma. Students entering 9th grade in 2017-18 may be eligible to obtain a Jump Start Career Diploma.

Students who have achieved all of the following will be recognized as CCCS Honor Graduates:

  • have been a student at CCCS for a minimum the entire Junior and Senior years
  • have earned an overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • have completed Physics and Advanced Math

The Honor Graduates with the highest overall GPAs will be named Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Our updated grading scale provides students with the opportunities they need to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors. In order to represent a true reflection of the student’s mastery of academic standards in each subject matter area, grades will break down as follows:
Upper school (6-12):

80% of each 9-week period grade is derived from test, assessment, presentation and project scores,
while 20% of each 9-week period grade will be earned by completing class work, quizzes,
homework and daily written work.

Each semester grade (2 per full credit course) will also include a cumulative semester exam which
will account for 10% of the final semester with each quarter accounting for 45% of the final
semester grade.

Lower School (1-5)

  • 80% tests, assessments, presentations, major projects, reports, etc.
  • 20% classwork, quizzes, homework, daily written work, etc
Grading scale:Quality Points:
A+ 97-100A+ 4.3
A. 93-96A 4
A- 90-92A- 3.6
B+ 87-89B+ 3.3
B 83-86B 3
B- 80-82B- 2.6
C+ 77-79C+ 2.3
C 73-76C 2
C- 70-72C- 1.6
D. 65-69D 1
F 64 and belowF 0

If a student is taking an AP or Honors class, he/she will be given an extra .667 points.