FeeGrade LevelAmountDue Dates
Application *All New Applicants$100 Due With Application
*RegistrationALL$175Before March 1st
*RegistrationALL$275March 1 - April 30
*RegistrationALL$350After May 1st
*New Applicants Pay Registration Fee After Being Informed You've Been Accepted to Crescent City Christian School
*All Re-Enrollment Must Include Registration Fee With Re-Enrollment Packet
GradeStudent ResourceStudent LifeCapital Improvement & Technology Per Family
(Charged to the Youngest Sibling)
Tuition Total
Pre-K 3-4 $250$175$450$6,170
Kindergarten - 4th$250$175$450$6,570$7,445
5th - 7th$300$250$450$6,780$7,780
8th - 10th$400$375$450$7,600$8,825
11th - 12th$400$475$450$7,600$8,925

Payment Options for Student Resource, Student Life, Capital Improvement/Technology Fees as well as Tuition

  1. Must be Paid in Full by 08/01/2020 (If paid in full by February 15th, 2020 you will receive a 10% discount)
  2. You can roll Fees & Tuition into FACTS. (In Order for you to receive a 12-month payment plan you must be a returning student or a newly accepted student by June 1st and sign up with FACTS by June 8th for your 1st payment to be made by July and the loan would mature in April of 2020).
    If you sign up any later than 06/08/20, your plan will be shorter which increases your monthly payment.
  3. If you are interested in applying for Work-Study you have to apply at factsmgt.com/financial-management/grant-and-aid-assessment/ by July 15th, 2020

Any applicable discounts are only applied to Tuition.

The Multi-Child Discount is Only Applied to the Youngest Sibling 10%

Church member Discount 15%

Lunch/Snacks are not included in Fees or Tuition. You Can Purchase Lunch at $4.00 per meal or Pack a Lunch