Refer a Friend


If you know a family who might benefit from the nurturing, Christ-centered education we offer at CCCS, we encourage you to refer them to apply. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a $200 credit* to your family’s account for every referred family that enrolls and is accepted by June 15th (the referral credit will return to $100 after June 15th). It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us grow our community with families that share our values and enthusiasm for quality education.

Easy Steps to Participate:

  1. Think of families looking for a supportive Christian learning environment for their children.
  2. Share your CCCS experiences and encourage them to consider enrolling.
  3. Ensure they mention your family’s name when applying.
  4. Once their enrollment is confirmed, a $200 credit* will be applied to your account.

If there are any issues or feedback you would like to bring to our attention privately, please feel free to mention it in the next survey or contact us directly. We are committed to continuously improving and providing the best experience for our customers.

*To qualify for the referral reward, it is required that the enrolling family finalizes their enrollment, begins their payment program, and makes their first payment. Once these conditions are met, you will be eligible to receive the referral credit.