Middle School: 6th-7th grade

Crescent City Christian Middle School students develop their academic skills while exploring their talents and interests in an encouraging and supportive, Christ-centered environment. Outstanding teachers and a challenging curriculum make the difference in each student’s learning experience. Truths are discovered and learning is enhanced with interactive and inspiring classroom approaches. Students at all grade levels are taught using advanced strategies, establishing a framework of learning geared toward college-level academics.

We provide a strong student culture with outstanding leadership opportunities and excellent extracurricular programs. At CCCS, athletics, fine arts, and academic competitions are designed to build character, instill discipline, and develop teamwork as well as leadership skills that carry over into the classroom and everyday life. Through spiritual retreats, weekly Chapel services, and daily Bible classes, students develop into confident Christian leaders with a strong sense of self and a desire to serve others.

Middle School is a time of expression and development. Our goal at Crescent City Christian School is for students to leave 7th grade confident and prepared intellectually, socially, and spiritually for the CCCS high school experience.